Saturday, August 28, 2010

L is for Library and for LICE!!!

Funny(ish) story.  The custodian, Ms. Theresa, came into the library on Friday and said, "Have you had students in here yet?"  I said, "Sure, they've been in here since the first day."  She started spraying and spraying and spraying and I said, "What is that?"  She replied, "We are having a head lice epidemic."  Then she left.  Welcome to public school.

L is for Library

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Better late post than no post!

Here are some selected quotes from the first days of school:

"I know you are a new li"bear"ian, cause our other one did not look like you."

"I love your eyes.  What color are those eyes?  Could I trade eyes with you?"

"You're nice."

OBU students....for a few days I did not practice what I preached to you...I didn't visit the bathroom ALL DAY LONG!  I would come home in the evening and think back...then remember...I haven't "been" all made a change in that behavior today....NO BLADDER REPAIR surgery for me!

Katie and Lauren...I have already used the books you gave me at my OBU Farewell cookout!  They were both hits.  I had the kids brainstorm ABC's of our library and illustrate.  I need one of you to come and make an awesome hall display with the results...any takers???

I have gotten more judicious with what REALLY NEEDS to be laminated!  I have changed the laminating film three times already since school started AND someone has wrapped the film around the roll once...but, I FIXED it.  Someone told me today that I wear a lot of hats. 

I put candy on the tables for the p.m. faculty meeting today.  Everything is better with candy, right???

Can't lie....this is a tough transiton for me.  Missing my OBU girls tremendously.  Think of you all when I shelve your favorite books or those that we've shared together.  Today was a better day, though, I felt like someone was praying for me!  If it was YOU....thanks!

Friday, August 13, 2010

In-Service and Professional Development

First...THANK YOU, Emilee...for loading the photos...still figuring that out. 

I have been in PD meetings for days and days and days!  My bum is numb!  Hopefully, though, I am appropriately in-serviced on the district policies and procedures, teaching reading and word study, parental involvement and Arkansas History!

I have some door prizes ready for the FINAL before school in-service on Tuesday. 

I have had some surprises this week!  When our meetings started in the library this week, folks promptly began rearranging the furniture (which some of you know I had spent a significant amount of time arranging) in order to meet their needs.  I was in my office and heard what has come to be the familiar sound of scooting furniture...Ramsi, thanks to your advice...I Stopped, Took a deep breath, And Relaxed...STAR!  I am planning to re-arrange on Tuesday before school on Thursday.  Deep breath.  I was also surprised at the amount of trash and debris left in the library after the meetings...I am sure it was simply an oversight.

I am OFF today through Tuesday at 10:45.  On Tuesday, I have been "selected" to be the co-chair of the building ACSIP (AR Consolidated School Improvement Plan, if memory hasn't failed me) committee and we have our first meeting.  We will have OPEN HOUSE that evening.  I will take and post photos.  I am also going to post some photos of all that needs to be you all will be assured that I am not resting on my laurels (correct sp???).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Library Mouse and Me

Ramsi being cute and helpful
The girls again :)
Natalie repairing a book for me

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friends of the Library

Hello, Blog Followers!

First of all thanks to Cami Jones for the idea of starting a blog...then, a huge thanks to Miss E. Wade for setting it all up and dummy proofing it for me!

Yesterday, I was privileged to have two very special visitors in the library.  Ramsi and Natalie, my OBU students, came to visit and offer their assistance, as needed.  I should back up and say that I had just been telephoned by a representative from Scholastic who told me that a book fair would be delivered to the library on the third day of school!  I was very much in the middle of an anxiety attack.  Ramsi returned my advice to me....STOP, TAKE A DEEP BREATH, AND RELAX; very good advice, indeed.  I am breathing easier because of their visit.  We scrubbed BLACK ticky-tack off of the front windows and doors and pulled the very most damaged books from the shelves.  Natalie found herself very talented in the art of book repair.  We had a lovely time together...I documented with photos on my phone camera which I am now going to attempt to upload into this post...we'll see...thanks for following my progress as it unfolds!  It will surely be an adventure!!

There are some issues with the photos...I will consult my blog creator and chief tutor, E. Wade!

Saturday, July 31, 2010